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How to Attached Prestige Flexi Plates


  1. Video description

    A man, Tyran, stands in front of a car with standard issue plates. He talks while holding up a Flexi Plate.

  2. TYRAN

    G’day, Tyran here from PPQ. I am here to show you the easiest way to attach your new Flexi Prestige Plates.

  3. Video description

    The PPQ logo appear in the top left corner. The video title appears in a large white text. The title says: Attaching Framed prestige Plates.

  4. TYRAN

    This method of attachment will work for the full range of Flexi Prestige Plate designs.

  5. Video description

    Tyran crouches in front of a car. He’s holding up a Remove and Attach Form.

  6. TYRAN

    After you have handed in your remove and attach form to your local Department of Transport, you can begin attaching your new Personalised Plates.

  7. Video description

    Tyran unscrews the screws on the standard issue number plate.

  8. TYRAN

    Simply remove your old plates with a screwdriver.

  9. Video description

    In close up, Tyran’s hands hold the Flexi Plates.

  10. TYRAN

    Now because of the different designs of cars, Flexi plates have been specifically produced without mounting holes, so that you can fit them perfectly to your car.

  11. TYRAN

    Because they’re made from Perspex, you do need to be gentle.

  12. Video description

    Tyran holds a standard issue number plate up against the Flexi Plate. Using a marker pen, he uses the holes in the standard issue number plate to mark the Flexi Plate.

  13. TYRAN

    So, if you want to use the same drill holes as your previous plates, line up where your old plates were drilled and make a mark with a non-permanent marker.

  14. Video description

    Tyran holds up the Flexi Plate to the car he is crouching beside.

  15. TYRAN

    Or if you have other holes specific to your car's recess that you would like to use - make sure you mark where these are on the plate before drilling.

  16. Video description

    A power drill bores a hole through the back of the Flexi Plate using a small drill bit.

  17. TYRAN

    Once you have your markers, drill your holes. All of the holes must be drilled slowly from the back of the plate, starting with a smaller drill bit to create a pilot hole.

  18. Video description

    Tyran changes the small drill bit for a larger one. Then bores a hole through the back of the Flexi Plate using a larger drill bit.

  19. TYRAN

    And then a larger drill bit to create your screw hole. Make sure the final hole is slightly larger than your screw size as the screw may expand as the weather changes.

  20. Video description

    Tyran crouches beside the car, screwing on the Flexi Plate with a screwdriver.

  21. TYRAN

    Once the holes are drilled, match the plate to your car and simply use the same screws as before to screw them in.

  22. Video description

    Tyran ensures the plate is secure.

  23. TYRAN

    There, now give it a gentle shake and make sure it’s secure to the car and then do the same for the rear.

  24. Video description

    Tyran sits in front of the car.

  25. TYRAN

    And remember, if you’re replacing your old standard issue plates, make sure to surrender them to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads within 14 days. After that, you’re all done!

  26. TYRAN

    Time to show off your new Personalised Plates!

  27. Video description

    The PPQ logo pops up with phone number 135 356, and closing video titles in white text. The closing title reads: For more information visit