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How to Attach USA & JDM Plates


  1. Audio description

    Ambient music plays throughout

  2. Video description

    TYRAN smiles and introduces himself, he’s in front of a silver four-wheel drive. The PPQ logo, phone number 135 356 and appear in the top left corner. The video title appears in a large white text. The title says: Attaching JDM or USA size Plates.

  3. TYRAN

    G’day, Tyran here from Personalised Plates Queensland. I’m here to show you the easiest way to attach your new JDM or USA plates.

  4. Video description

    TYRAN holds up two personalised plates options (both don’t have any drill holes) – one is a white JDM plate with dark green writing and border and the other is a red USA plate with white writing and border. Both have a small QLD state identifier on them.

  5. TYRAN

    You may have noticed that these plates don’t come with pre-drilled holes. PPQ made sure they were made this way so that they can custom fit to your car and ensure that they are the perfect finishing touch.

  6. Video description

    TYRAN shows the Department of Transport and Main Roads Remove and Attach form.

  7. TYRAN

    So, after you’ve handed in this Remove and Attach form to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads, you can begin attaching your new personalised plates.

  8. Video description

    TYRAN is kneeling front of the grill of the silver four-wheel drive with a screwdriver in his hand. He then unscrews the standard number plate with the screwdriver.

  9. TYRAN

    Now simply remove your old plates with a screwdriver.

  10. Video description

    The plate has been removed from the car and then he holds up the new plate against the car and uses a black marker to mark where holes need to be drilled.

  11. TYRAN

    Then hold up your plate against your plate recess and mark the vertical positioning and spacing of your existing drill holes on your bumper that you would like to use.

  12. TYRAN

    Once you've done that, take your plate and place it on a workbench.

  13. Video description

    The plates have been placed on a workbench. A close up of the number plate shows the black marks where holes need to be drilled. TYRAN works on one number plate at a time. The number plate is on a piece of wood, face up, and a clear ruler is placed over top of it measuring the black marks horizontally and vertically.

  14. TYRAN

    Measure the horizontal and vertical distance of your front markers

  15. Video description

    The plate is then flipped over showing the silver side where TYRAN measures and marks the plates again – it’s the same distance as what he marked on the front of the plate.

  16. TYRAN

    and transpose them onto the back of your plate.

  17. Video description

    The plate is lying face down on a wooden board. An electric drill then drills into the newly measured black marks on the number plate.

  18. TYRAN

    Now grab a drill and drill your holes. Make sure you don't apply excess pressure and only use a sharp drill bit.

  19. TYRAN

    Once the holes are drilled, match the plates up to your car and use the same screws as before to attach them to your car.

  20. Video description

    TYRAN is holding the newly drilled number plate, he aligns the plate to the existing holes in the car, and he uses a screwdriver to attach the new number plate to the car. We zoom in on him screwing these in.

  21. TYRAN

    There. Then give the plate a shake and make sure it’s secure to the car and then do the same with the rear.

  22. Video description

    TYRAN holds onto the bottom of the plate with two hands and shakes the plate forward and back briefly to check it is secure.

  23. Video description

    TYRAN is speaking to camera smiling and in the background is the car with its new plates attached. The PPQ logo pops up with phone number 135 356, and closing video titles in white text. The closing title reads: For more information visit

  24. TYRAN

    And remember, if you’re replacing your old standard issue plates make sure to surrender them into your local Department of Transport within 14 days. After that, you’re all done! You can now enjoy your new personalised plates.