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How to Attach Prestige Plates


  1. Video description

    JUSTIN smiles and introduces himself, he’s in front of a white BMW. The PPQ logo, phone number 135 356 and appear in the top left corner. The video title appears in a large white text. The title says: Attaching Prestige Plates.


    G'day, Justin from PPQ here. So, you've just got your new plates in the mail and we know you're excited to get them on your car. So I'm here to show you the easiest way to attach your new plates.

  3. Video description

    JUSTIN is kneeling front of the grill of the white BMW, talking directly to camera. The white BMW still has its standard issue plates attached. Superimposed on screen is the text: Remove your old plates


    So first off, if you need to, remove your old plates with one of these.

  5. Video description

    JUSTIN playfully throws a screwdriver in the air and catches it with his hand. He then turns to the car, unscrews the number plate and takes it off the car. JUSTIN puts the screwdriver on the ground.

  6. Video description

    Close up of JUSTIN holding the new prestige plate in its mounting bracket and showing the Allen key. Superimposed on screen is the text: Separate the mounting bracket from your Prestige Plate


    Now that your old plates are off... take the Allen key that comes with your plates and use it to separate your mounting bracket from the prestige plate by loosening the three grub screws here.

  8. Video description

    JUSTIN points to the three screws in the bottom of the bracket.

  9. Audio description

    Funky synthetic loop plays over this close up shot

  10. Video description

    Close-up view of the screws being undone by JUSTIN using an Allen key.

  11. Video description

    In a slightly wider shot, JUSTIN demonstrates how to lift the mounting bracket out from the bottom of the plate by popping both edges of the mounting bracket with his fingers slightly and pulling the bracket downwards.

  12. JUSTIN

    Next lift the mounting bracket out from the bottom of the plate and pull downwards.

  13. Audio description

    The sliding of the plates together can be heard.

  14. Video description

    JUSTIN kneels in front of the car and holds the bracket up to the front of the car. The existing holes in the car can be seen through the horizontal gaps in the bracket.

  15. JUSTIN

    Now align the slots in your bracket with the existing holes in your bumper. Secure the bracket at your desired height using the two screws that came with your plates.

  16. Video description

    The bracket is screwed on using a screwdriver, in the first rung. Superimposed on screen is the text: Secure the bracket onto your bumper

  17. Video description

    Extreme close up of JUSTIN’s hand as he points to the lip on the back of the plate.

  18. JUSTIN

    Next, insert the lip on the back of the prestige plate into the groove

    at the top of the mounting bracket.

  19. Video description

    Superimposed on screen is the text: Insert the lip of the Plate into the groove at the top of the mounting bracket. The plate is then attached to the mounting bracket.

  20. Audio description

    Sound of metal clicking into metal when the plate is attached.

  21. Video description

    Close up of the new Prestige Plate hanging from the bracket. The plate is black with gold letters. JUSTIN runs his fingers over the top edge of the Prestige Plate to show where it is hanging from.

  22. JUSTIN

    Your plate should now hang from the bracket.

  23. Video description

    He then runs his hand along the bottom of the plate, indicating where it should sit in the bracket.

  24. JUSTIN

    And the bottom lip of the bracket should align with the slot in the bottom of the plate frame.

  25. Video description

    In a closer shot, JUSTIN pushes the plate backwards into the bracket using his thumb. Superimposed on screen is the text: Push the mounting brackets’ bottom lip into the plate frame

  26. JUSTIN

    Now push the bottom lip of the mounting bracket into the plate frame. You'll hear a loud click when it's secured.

  27. Audio description

    Clicking sound when the plate frame is clicked in

  28. Video description

    Extreme close up of JUSTIN tightening the three grub screws with his Allen key.

  29. JUSTIN

    Use your Allen key to retighten the three grub screws at the bottom of your plate.Now that they're tight, your plate should sit firmly attached to your bumper.

  30. Video description

    Wider shot of Justin kneeling down in front of the grille of the white BMW. He talks to camera and turns to give the plate a little shake with two hands to test its resilience. The plate flexes slightly but stays on the car.

  31. JUSTIN

    Finally, just give it a bit of a shake and make sure that it's secured nice and tight.

  32. Video description

    As in the opening scene, JUSTIN is standing in front of the white BMW. The new Prestige Plates are clearly visible on the car behind him.

  33. JUSTIN

    And there you are. Your plates are now attached. Now remember head to your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre within 14 days just to hand in your old plates.

  34. Video description

    Superimposed on screen is the text: PPQ, 136 356,, and the text: For more information visit JUSTIN smiles and nods as he wraps up his message.

  35. JUSTIN

    And after that you're all done. Time to show off those new prestige plates.