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How to Attach Prestige Framed Plates


  1. Video description

    A man, Tyran, stands in front of a car with standard issue plates. He talks while holding up a Prestige Plate.

  2. TYRAN

    G’day, Tyran here from PPQ. I am here to show you the easiest way to attach your new Framed Prestige Plates.

  3. Video description

    The PPQ logo appear in the top left corner. The video title appears in a large white text. The title says: Attaching Flexi prestige Plates.

  4. TYRAN

    Now, what I am about to show you works for all of our Framed Prestige Plates with a mounting bracket.

  5. Video description

    Tyran crouches in front of a car. He’s holding up a Remove and Attach Form.

  6. TYRAN

    After you have handed in your Remove and Attach Form to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads you can begin attaching your new Personalised Plates.

  7. Video description

    Tyran unscrews the screws on the standard issue number plate.

  8. TYRAN

    Simply remove your old plates with a screwdriver.

  9. Video description

    Tyran uses an Allen key to unscrew the grub screws on the frame of a new Prestige Plate. He then removes the bracket.

  10. TYRAN

    Now, take the Allen key that comes with your plates and use it to separate your mounting bracket from the Prestige Plate by loosening the three grub screws here.

  11. Video description

    Tyran puts the bracket up against the car, where the Personalised Plate will be attached. He uses a screwdriver to attach the bracket.

  12. TYRAN

    Next, align the slots in your bracket with the existing holes in your bumper. Secure the bracket at your desired height using the same screws to screw them onto the vehicle.

  13. Video description

    Tyran puts the lip of the plate into a groove on the bracket. He then clicks it in.

  14. TYRAN

    Then, insert the lip on the back of the prestige plate into the groove at the top of the mounting bracket.

  15. TYRAN

    Your plate should now hang from the bracket, and the bottom lip of the bracket should align with the slot in the bottom of the plate frame.

  16. TYRAN

    Now push the bottom lip of the mounting bracket into the plate frame. You'll hear a loud click when it's secured.

  17. Video description

    Tyran uses an Allen key to tighten the grub screws on the underside of the plate frame.

  18. TYRAN

    Use your Allen key to retighten the three grub screws at the bottom of your plate. Now that they're tight, your plate should sit firmly attached to your bumper.

  19. Video description

    Tyran ensures the plate is secure.

  20. TYRAN

    There! Now just give the plate a shake and make sure it’s secure to your car and do the same for the rear.

  21. Video description

    Tyran sits in front of the car.

  22. TYRAN

    And remember, if you’re replacing your old standard issue plates, make sure to surrender them to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads within 14 days. After that, you’re all done!

    Now you can show off your new Personalised Plates!

  23. Video description

    The PPQ logo pops up with phone number 135 356, and closing video titles in white text. The closing title reads: For more information visit