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How to Attach Flexi Plates


  1. Video description

    JUSTIN smiles and introduces himself. He’s in front of a black Audi parked in a household garage. The PPQ logo, phone number 135 356 and appear in the top left corner. The video title appears in large white text. The title reads: Attaching Flexi Plates.


    G'day, JUSTIN here from PPQ showing you the most straightforward way to attach your new Flexi personalised plates.

  3. Video description

    JUSTIN is kneeling front of the grille of the black Audi, talking directly to camera and holding up a form. The black Audi still has its standard issue plates attached.


    So after you've handed in this Remove and Attach form to your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads...

  5. Video description

    JUSTIN puts down the form and playfully throws a screwdriver in the air and catches it with his hand.


    Simply remove your old plates with one of these.

  7. Video description

    JUSTIN then turns to the car, unscrews the number plate and takes it off the car. JUSTIN puts the screwdriver on the ground. JUSTIN holds up a black number plate with FLEXI written on it in white.


    Now because of the different designs of cars, Flexi plates have been specifically produced without mounting holes

  9. Video description

    JUSTIN flexes the plate slightly.

  10. JUSTIN

    And have been designed to flex to fit pretty much any type of car. But because of this, you do need to be gentle.

  11. JUSTIN

    So first off, if you have your old plate still, position them against the back of your Flexi plate…

  12. Video description

    JUSTIN holds the old number plate and places it against the back of the new Flexi plate. He uses a black marker to mark the holes from the old plates onto the new plates.

  13. JUSTIN

    …and then mark with a non-permanent marker the holes where your existing screws were.

  14. Video description

    In a close-up, bird’s eye view, JUSTIN holds the plate face down on a wooden board.

  15. JUSTIN

    Once you have your markers, drill your holes.

  16. Video description

    A drill is used to drill a small hole into the back of the plate as it rests on the wooden board.

  17. JUSTIN

    Both of the holes must be drilled slowly from the back of the plate starting with a smaller drill bit to create a pilot hole…

  18. Video description

    In an extreme close-up, the drill bit is removed from the drill and a larger drill bit inserted in

    the drill and secured.

  19. JUSTIN

    And then a larger drill bit to create your screw hole.

  20. Video description

    A larger hole is drilled into the first hole.

  21. JUSTIN

    Make sure the drill bits are sharp and don't apply too much pressure

    because you might crack your plate.

  22. Audio description

    Sound of drill churning through the plastic of the Personalised Plate

  23. Video description

    Wider shot of JUSTIN kneeling down in front of the grille of the black Audi. He talks to camera as he holds the Flexi plate up against the car’s bumper and uses a screwdriver to screw the plate into position.

  24. JUSTIN

    Now, with your holes drilled, set your Flexi plate up against your bumper and simply screw it on.

  25. Video description

    Close-up of screwdriver and tightening screws.

  26. Audio description

    Low sound of screwdriver tightening the screws in the plate

  27. Video description

    JUSTIN pulls on the Flexi plate. The plate flexes slightly but stays on the car.

  28. JUSTIN

    Give it a shake, make sure it's nice and tight and then do the same

    with your rear plates.

  29. Video description

    As in the opening scene, JUSTIN stands in front of the black Audi. Clearly visible on the car behind him is the black number plate which reads FLEXI in white writing.

  30. JUSTIN

    And remember if you're replacing your old plates, be sure to surrender them

    to your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads within 14 days.

  31. Video description

    Superimposed on screen is the text: PPQ, 136 356,, and the text: For more information visit JUSTIN smiles and nods as he wraps up his message.

  32. JUSTIN

    After that you're all done. Time to show off your new Flexi Plates.