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100 Years of Q Plates


  1. Audio description

    A modern piano track plays throughout, with images and shots cutting to the beat.

  2. Video description

    A logo appears including a slick rectangular Q symbol from a Q Plate: A CENTURY OF Q PLATES

  3. Video description

    NOTE: This video is completely shot in black and white. //

  4. Video description

    A parallax slideshow set to an old film effect shows several old photos of Queensland cars from 1920-1960 all displaying Q Plates…

  5. MALE VO

    The first ever Q Plates were issued 100 years ago in 1921.

  6. Video description

    Photo of an old car with Q Plates sitting in a field.

  7. MALE VO

    Back then, only those who could afford a car had them.

  8. Video description

    Photo of another old car with Q Plates parked outside a mechanic’s displaying beautiful signwriting.

  9. MALE VO

    From graziers to doctors, manufacturers and business owners…

  10. Video description

    Photo of a different old car with Q Plates parked on a quiet street outside an old Queenslander.

  11. MALE VO

    They started with Q1 and went up from there, right the way up to six numbers.

  12. Video description

    Photo of another old car and two men in typical 1920s suits and hats walking past it on a rural road.

  13. MALE VO

    The last of the original Q Plates were manufactured in 1955…

  14. Video description

    Photo of an old van on a street with a milkman carrying a crate of milk bottles towards an old Queenslander.

  15. MALE VO

    … and Queensland went to the familiar three number, three letter format.

  16. Video description

    Photo of old cars, utes, and bicycles lining a street with quaint cafes and shops.

  17. Video description

    Cut to a close up of crafted metal lettering spelling ‘Holden’ on a dark background.

  18. Video description

    Cut to another close up panning shot of a hood ornament shaped like a kangaroo.

  19. Video description

    Cut to another close up of an engraved original Holden logo in the shape of a lion on the centre of the narrow steering wheel.

  20. Video description

    Cut to a wider shot of the front of a black 1950s FX Holden inside a shed, as light washes over the grill. The kangaroo hood ornament is in view.


    This is one of the first-built FX Holdens in Australia...

  22. Video description

    Pan around striking black and white Q Plates displaying Q497254 as the focus drops. A three quarter view makes it clear the characters protrude from the plate, giving them a 3D effect.

  23. TERRY

    …with original Q Plates.

  24. Video description

    Cut to a beautifully-lit close up of the owner, TERRY’s eyes as he looks down through his old photographs.

  25. TERRY

    I'm the fourth owner.

  26. Video description

    Close up of TERRY’s hands as he rifles through photographs of his FX Holden in the yard, an embossed Certificate of Authenticity, and more Holden photos.

  27. TERRY

    I was lucky to get them from my uncle.

  28. Video description

    Cut to a wide shot from behind of TERRY leaning against the black FX Holden. Cows litter the country paddock he’s standing in.

  29. TERRY

    I’d say, it’s my little piece of Queensland history.

  30. Video description

    Medium shot of TERRY, a bearded man in his 50s, sitting in his shed wearing a dark vest and button up. He addresses the camera as he talks.

  31. Video description

    A super appears next to TERRY in white: TERRY MCCULKIN, OWNER, Q497254

  32. TERRY

    Now, you’re lucky to spot Q Plates on the road.

  33. Video description

    Cut to see a brand new BMW convertible with Q Plates round a corner. Two women in their 20s smile as they pass.

  34. TERRY

    I reckon they’re worth a pretty penny these days.

  35. Video description

    Cut to a top-down shot of hands opening an embossed Q Plates box on marble. Hands lift up the Certificate of Authenticity into the lower frame, and a plate displaying Q2689 is revealed.

  36. Audio description

    The music drops to a lone beat to emphasise the end of the film.

  37. Video description

    A Century of Q Plates logo animates onto black.

  38. Video description logo cuts on.