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Gift vouchers

Make your gift more personal with Personalised Plates. A unique & memorable gift, there's a Personalised Plate for everyone. Use your gift voucher to:

  • Purchase a plate
  • Use as a partial payment or LayBy deposit towards a plate greater than gift voucher value
  • Use towards a current LayBy
  • Gift vouchers cannot be used for purchases of Q Plates

Gift voucher can be used for multiple transactions. Gift voucher is not reloadable.

* and the PPQ call centre are the only retailers of PPQ Gift Vouchers. PPQ cannot guarantee the authenticity or validity of PPQ Gift Vouchers purchased via third party sellers.

PPQ Gift Vouchers

Follow these simple steps to choose your amount & personalise your Gift Voucher.


Click here for more info on voucher amounts

CRN is validated

Payment for this gift voucher must be completed via Commonwealth Bank of Australia BPoint payment gateway.

When you click Submit you will be directed to the CBA website to complete payment.


Order Review

PPQ Gift Voucher

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Delivery To

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Valid From

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Valid Until

{{ expiryDate | date:'dd-MM-yyyy'}}

How are Gift Vouchers redeemed?

It's very easy! Recipients can redeem Gift Vouchers online by visiting, accessing the Create A Plate application and following the prompts to create a new Personalised Plate. Gift Vouchers can be used as a full or part payment on a plate purchase or to start up a LayBy. Recipients must then simply fill in the requested customer & Gift Voucher information on the purchase page. Gift voucher can be used for multiple transactions. Gift voucher is not reloadable.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 36 months (36) months from the date of purchase. Gift Vouchers that are not used within this period will be forfeited and any funds left on the Gift Voucher will not be refunded or credited. View full terms and conditions.

Plates can be re-styled for a small fee as often as the owner likes. So don't be afraid about committing to a design, it can always be changed! Plates can also be transferred to an immediate family member free of charge.

Gift Vouchers will be emailed to you.

Gift Vouchers will be sent to a nominated email address in PDF format & can contain a personalised message to the recipient.

Preview of the gift voucher PDF. At the top of the PDF is a photo showing a blue PPQ gift card sitting on top of some notepaper on a marble bench top. Underneath the photo is text that reads: 'Lucky you! You'll soon be driving around in your very own Personalised Plates.' Underneath this text are the voucher details, including the number, date of issue, expiry date and your personal message to the recipient. Next to the voucher details are instructions on how to redeem the gift voucher.

PPQ proceeds help support road safety initiatives in Queensland, through our proud partnership with the Australian Road Safety Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to improve road safety awareness, enhance driver education and reduce the impact of road trauma.