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The perfect accessory for your adventures

Accessory plates are required if your rear number plate is obstructed by a bike rack, for example.

An accessory plate is a small maroon and white plate. It shows the same combination as your existing standard issue or personalised plates

Vehicle types

These plates can go onto a—

  • Car
  • Trailer

Style choices

Not available

Combination formats

Not available

Accessory plates

An accessory plate duplicates your existing full-size plates. It will show the same combination as your existing standard issue or personalised plates. Although, if your full-size plates have spaces or a diamond separator, your accessory plate will not.


Not available


Not available

Plate sizes

  • Accessory
    255mm × 100mm


  • Aluminium
    Manufactured from aluminium with embossed characters and border.

Estimated delivery times

Accessory plates are manufactured separately from full-size plates. This means you can expect them arrive in two weeks, but they will arrive as a separate package.

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