Found the perfect combination but not ready to buy? Don’t throw it all away! You can secure your combination with a Layby.

With no Layby fees, and only a 20-25% deposit, it’s the most affordable way to buy the plates you’ve always wanted.

Depending on your plate design, you will have between 4-7 months to pay them off. Once you choose your plate design and combination using Create A Plate, choose the ‘Layby’ option at checkout and you’re ready to roll!

Remember, you can make changes to an active Layby at no extra cost before your final payment!

Submit your Layby order and we’ll email you your personal login details allowing you to manage your account and make easy payments anytime, anywhere.

Visit our layby terms and conditions for more detail.

4 month payment plan

  • Purchases from $250 and up to $1900 (incl.)

  • 25% deposit

  • Regular payments of 20%

  • 28 day payment frequency

7 month payment plan

  • Purchases from $1900 and up to $5000 (incl.)

  • 20% deposit

  • Regular payments of 12.5%

  • 28 day payment frequency

Frequently Asked Questions

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