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JDM Plates

The ultimate accessory to complete the Japanese look.

Dark green on white and 305mm x 155mm* in size, JDM plates are the ultimate accessory to complete the Japanese look.

Choose a combination of three letters and two numbers, in any order, to kit out your ride for just $485.

Plates are supplied without mounting holes and require custom drilling to suit vehicle.

New orders $485 • Redesigns $175 • Remakes $92.60

* Please note, this is a USA Regular size plate. Slimline size is not available.

305mm x 155mm* • Dark Green on White

Combination: Mix 3 letters and 2 numbers in any order

Text translates to “Japan’s Domestic Market” or “Domestic Market in Japan”

Motor Vehicle and Large Trailer

Plate Inspiration

Here’s some ideas to steer you in the right direction. It’s all in the detail!

+ Plate specifications


305mm × 155mm*

plate dimensions

As soon as I saw JDM plates were available I knew it would be the perfect choice for my Japanese car! It's the perfect style to finish off the look I've always wanted, and so affordable too!

—Louis, JDM Plates owner

Having an iconic car with such a legendary heritage, it was always hard trying to find the right number plate that would give it an authentic look and feel. My car now looks like it's right back at home on the busy streets of Tokyo - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

—Himmy, JDM Plates owner

The JDM Plates fit really nicely on Japanese import cars - it really fills out the bumper where it needs to whilst giving it a unique look!

—Andrew, JDM Plates owner

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

Plate orders are eligible for free registered Australia Post, so you can feel at ease knowing your plates will be sent efficiently and securely.

Get Help
Get Help

If you would like more information or need support, one of our Personalised Plate Experts can be reached by phone, live chat or email.


JDM Plates are covered under a 7‑year manufacturer's warranty, giving you the confidence to know you're covered if something isn't right.


Redesign your existing 5 character Colour or Theme Plates into new JDM Plates for just $175!