How it works

How to buy personalised plates for the first time

Create a plate

Go to Create a Plate to pick a number plate combination, choose a style, and buy your new personalised plates.

Pick a combination

Lots of people start with:

  • Their initials

  • The day and month they were born

  • A nickname

  • A meaningful word

What are the rules for picking a combination?

The short answer is “It depends”. Different types of plates have different rules.

Many plates allow for six characters, but some have seven characters, and others have less.

Some plates might require three letters and three numbers, in any order. Other plates might require two numbers, followed by four letters. Other plates offer total flexibility. It depends.

What if I want to keep my number plate combination?

Classic plates will let you transform your standard-issue combination into stylish black and white plates.

Choose a style

There are dozens of plates in our range.

Plate information videos

What is a Personalised Plate?

The PPQ Plate range

Plate registration, PPQ marketplace, and Plate remakes

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