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Please note: Available combinations for custom plates must contain 3 letters then 2 numbers (or vice versa) or 3 letters then 3 numbers (or vice versa).Some examples include ABC12, 12ABC or ABC123.
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Not available when using a logo.

Add a LogoEDIT

Combinations with 6 characters are unable to include a logo with the plate design. To include a logo or image, please change the combination length to 5 characters.
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Plate Sizes EDIT

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Plate Colours EDIT

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Bottom Message EDIT

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Please place my logo
Please note, you can only add a sash to your plate design if at least one plate is a Regular size.CHANGE SIZES

Sash Colours EDIT

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Sash Font Colour

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Please note, this form is for enquiry purposes only, as custom plate designs must proceed through an artwork approval process.

The initial cost for this plate design will be $880 while subsequent plates will cost $495.

Upon review and approval, PPQ will contact you to confirm order details and process payment. Bulk discounts may apply.

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  • PPQ will email a copy of your design selections for review.
  • Payment is not required until final design approval.
  • Plates may be rejected if they are deemed inappropriate.
  • PPQ will contact you to confirm order and payment details within a couple of working days.
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