Claiming a plate sale

Claiming a plate sale

Claiming a plate is one of the ways you can assign yourself to a plate sale so you can receive commission.

When can I claim a plate sale?

You can make a plate claim at any stage during the month the sale was processed, and up to 7 business days after the month the sale was processed. You will not be able to claim a plate sale past this period.

How to claim a plate

  1. Log into your Dealer Portal

  2. Open the 'Claim Plate' dropdown on the right-hand side of the Dealer Portal, or use the 'Claim a plate' button under the 'My Sales' section.

  3. Enter the plate combination

  4. If you work across multiple dealerships, select a dealership.

  5. Hit 'Request claim'.

  6. The PPQ Dealer team will review your claim and either approve or decline it. If your plate claim is approved you will see the sale in your Dealer Portal under 'My Sales'.

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