Business Plates

Get customised personalised plates specifically for your business.

Promote your business with a customised Business Plate.

  • Feature your logo & branding.
  • Use a 30-character sash message to add your contact details.
  • Bulk discounts available.
  • One off custom artwork fee of $385.
  • Business Plates start at $495. 

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BMD Business Plate

For us, having ECT plates on Queensland roads means that if any of our vehicles are driven, they are instantly recognisable. We get regular enquiries about our vehicles from people who have spotted our business plates.

Exotic Car Travel

BMD Business Plate

Our number plates are very noticeable and are a very cost-effective form of mobile marketing in the communities in which we operate. The number plates have allowed us to build greater visiblity and brand awareness in the public face, and to potential clients.


K9 Photography Business Plate

Every day I’m asked and complimented about my prestige plates. They cover all bases... Elvis, Michael Jackson, Wally Lewis or anyone on top of their game. Clients love it when I drive up to the door and see them also many cash offers over the years have been politely refused.

Robert Snow
Carpet King

K9 Photography Business Plate

They help to enhance what my business is about. The plates spell out a clear message. They go hand in hand with my car wrap.

K9 Photography

Dimensions & Design Features

Business Plates Format

Frequently Asked Questions

The combination formats available for Business Plates are 2-3 numbers followed by 3 letters or 3 letters followed by 2-3 numbers. If you wish to use a logo to separate your letters and numbers you will need to use only 2 numbers as the logo takes up the space character.
Two sizes are available for custom and business plates, Slimline and Regular. Two plates, both a front and a rear, will be manufactured giving the opportunity to have both Regular, both Slimline or one of each.

If you select a slimline size the sash message will not be shown on that design. If a Slimline size is required, we recommend you order both a Slimline and a Regular size to showcase your custom message or business name.
If you have an existing business plate design, you can remake your existing plates or purchase a new one. Contact our business representative on 3331 3205 for pricing and more information.


After deciding on a design, there is a one off artwork fee of $385. This allows you to own a completely unique design to your business that no one else can use.
Business plate fees start at $495 per set, this is a one off cost and allows you to own the design and combination as well as advertise your business.
There are a number of payments available, the options are; credit card, cheque or money order or by cash or eftpos in our office. Alternatively, you can choose to LayBy your Business Plates over a four month period. For additional information on LayBy please click here