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Business Plates

Promote your brand 24/7 with
custom designed plates

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Preview of a BMD Business plate

Product details

  • Feature your logo and branding
  • 30-character sash message to add your contact details
  • Bulk discounts available
  • One off custom artwork fee of $385
  • Business Plates start at $495
Business Plates Format

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The combination formats available for Business Plates are 2-3 numbers followed by 3 letters or 3 letters followed by 2-3 numbers. If you wish to use a logo to separate your letters and numbers you will need to use only 2 numbers as the logo takes up the space character.

Two sizes are available for custom and business plates, Slimline and Regular. Two plates, both a front and a rear, will be manufactured giving the opportunity to have both Regular, both Slimline or one of each.

If you select a slimline size the sash message will not be shown on that design. If a Slimline size is required, we recommend you order both a Slimline and a Regular size to showcase your custom message or business name.

If you have an existing business plate design, you can remake your existing plates or purchase a new one. Contact our business representative on 3333 3906 for pricing and more information.

After deciding on a design, there is a one off artwork fee of $385. This allows you to own a completely unique design to your business that no one else can use.

Personalised Plates are a great way of driving your brand on the roads 24/7. PPQ have a range of plates that can display your business name, logo, tag line, phone number or website.

It’s a cost effective way to advertise and show passion for your work.

Find more information on our Business Plates brochure.

There are a number of payments available, the options are; credit card, cheque or money order or by cash or eftpos in our office. Alternatively, you can choose to LayBy your Business Plates over a four month period. For additional information on LayBy please click here