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Support your local community with community plates

Call us on 136356 to speak to a Community Plates customer representative or email

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Hervey Bay Humpback Rendezvous
WOW Business Plate
One Punch Can Kill
Aboriginal Australia

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Our community plates speak to the pride and ownership our students have for their school and their lasting connection and commitment to it. From the school's perspective the plates are some of the most visible branding we have.

- Rockhampton Grammar School

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Call us on 136356 to speak to a Community Plates customer representative or email


What are Community plates?

Community Plates are a uniquely designed plate which is tailored to your club or community's branding. They are a clever choice to raise money for your community and advertise at the same time.

How do Community plates raise funds?
Clubs can purchase plates at the discounted rates outlined below, and retail these at the RRP of $495, with the bulk discount amount retained by your club. The more plates your customers buy, the higher discount your club will receive.

Volume RRP Discount
1-9 Community Plates $495 0%
10-29 Community Plates $475 4%
30-49 Community Plates $455 8%
50-69 Community Plates $435 12%
70-89 Community Plates $415 16%
90-100 Community Plates $395 20%
100-499 Community Plates $375 24%
500+ Community Plates $350 30%
Existing Designs
If you have an existing community plate design, you can remake your existing plates or purchase a new one. Contact our community representative on 3331 3205 for pricing and more information.
Are your community plates outdated?
You can update your business plates to match your new community branding. Contact our business representative to find out more on 136356.
Once you have approved your unique design and your community plates have been ordered, your plates will be received within 3 weeks.
Community plates come with a 7 year manufacturer's warranty against faulty material and workmanship.
Can other people purchase our Community Plate?
Yes, if you would like your members to purchase your Community plate design they can. We keep your artwork on file, so that we can assist your members with purchasing these plates, they simply call us on 136356.
After deciding on a design, there is a one off artwork fee of $385. This allows you to own a completely unique design to your business that no one else can use.
Community plates
Community plate fees start at $495 per set, this is a one off cost and allows you to own the design and combination as well as advertise your community.
Payment options
There are a number of payments available, the options are; credit card, cheque or money order or by cash or eftpos in our office.