The Driving Force Behind Queensland's Strongest Team

Wednesday, November 29th 2023

The Driving Force Behind Queensland's Strongest Team

As a reminder of their strong family and the importance of them working as a team the de Ryck’s sport the very fitting Personalised Plate OUR TEAM.

Working as a team is crucial in workplaces, on the field and, for Queensland family the de Ryck’s, in day-to-day life. The de Ryck’s describe themselves as a strong family unit who work together like a world class team to ensure things run smoothly.

The eldest son of the family, Lachie, was born at 27 weeks (3 months) premature and suffered a brain bleed resulting in cerebral palsy. As parents of a child with a disability, Victoria and Nigel have found things can be challenging and that in some instances it places tremendous stress on the family.

“We get through the ups and downs of having a son with cerebral palsy by working as a team,” Victoria said.

As a reminder of their strong family and the importance of them working as a team the de Ryck’s sport the very fitting Personalised Plate OUR TEAM.

“OUR TEAM represents our family, our goals and our achievements and it shows no matter the situation, we will always do things as a team. It also representative of Lachie’s favourite NRL team, the North Queensland Cowboys, which has become the family’s team,” Nigel said.

In the process of upgrading the family car to accommodate their son’s wheelchair, Victoria’s husband Nigel surprised her with the number plate OUR TEAM.

“Nigel surprised me with the number plate, and it means the world that it reflects our family. I love it because it speaks positively about our situation and communicates how we go about our daily life,” Victoria said.

For this family, having Personalised Plates allows them to stand out and spread awareness about living with disability as a family. They often notice when sitting at traffic lights that people in nearby cars take notice of the plates and with a big smile on their faces point it out to others in their car.

“I think the OUR TEAM plates evoke a warm, positive feeling of joy. I love seeing people’s positive reactions to the plates,” Victoria said.

“We feel immense joy when we look at the plates and think of our family. I'm so proud of how far we've come.”

Victoria and Nigel say their plates are a nice reminder of how far they have come, how far Lachlan has come, and how far they will go in the future, as a team.

“On the more challenging days, we see the plates and they are a stark reminder of what's important,” said Nigel and Victoria.

In line with the sale of the one millionth Personalised Plate in July this year, the PPQ team gave Queensland a chance to win a Queensland holiday valued at $5,000. The de Ryck’s were the worthy winners.

Victoria melted the judge’s hearts with the touching story of her family and their plate OUR TEAM and now they’re getting set to embark on their family holiday, which Lachie says they will plan together, as a team.

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