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It’s Your PPQ

We love that every plate we sell has a character behind it and a story to tell. We’ve already helped Queenslanders tell over a million stories so far. Read more on some of our favourite picks.

“BELL23 is on my plates because I wanted my late brother’s racing number next to my name.

I knew straight away that’s what I wanted. So wherever I go, I know he’s always with me.” To learn more about Bella’s story click here.

Bella and her BELL23 personalised plates

“I created a fleet of specialist cardiac clinics with plates that go from HEART1 to HEART5.”

The program started off with three specialists and one truck in 2014. Now in 2020, it boasts 23 specialists and five trucks.

“That’s why their personalised plates go from HEART1 to HEART5.” To learn more about Dr Gomes’ story click here.

Dr Gomes and his HEART2 truck

We love a bit of R ‘n’ R – so much that we got it as a personalised plate.

7RNR9 symbolises Mel and Geoff’s R’n’R lifestyle, and the 79 Series Landcruiser they live it in. The plate was the perfect finishing touch to the car they’d spent so long creating.

“Blondie might be tiny, but our backyard is huge!” To learn more about Mel and Geoff’s story click here.

Blondie on the beach showing off the couple's 7RNR9 personalised plates

“I actually chose the name of my restaurant so it fit on a personalised plate.”

Tony has two passions: cars and cooking. Whether he is in the kitchen cooking up a masterpiece or driving Queensland’s beautiful roads in his Jag, Tony can always be found with a smile on his face. To learn more about Tony and his journey click here.

Tony and his Jaguar

“After Dad passed away, I saw the plate was available. It completes the car!”

Ben knew that classic cars were his passion from the age of 7 when he sat on his Dad’s lap helping steer the Ford Falcon XB Coupe. Ben then spent his life restoring cars to their former glory including that same Ford Falcon XB Coupe that meant so much to his Dad. To learn more about Ben’s story click here.

Ben in his shop

“There's one Maynard family plate that will never go under the hammer.”

The second you meet the Maynard family, you feel the love for Central Queensland. Their passion for the region may have come over three generations, but the impact they've had on the community has been a lot quicker. To find out more about the Maynard family click here.

Geoff Maynard and his car