Going Across Country with MY RIG

Wednesday, November 29th 2023

Going Across Country with MY RIG

For Allan and Emma Riggs and their two children Dominic and Indii, a life on the road is fuel for their thirst for adventure.

Fishing, camping, and 4WDing are part of the family’s weekly routine- a schedule that’s anything but predictable.

Tired of the 9-5 daily grind (work/ school, eat, sleep, repeat), in September 2016 the family made a plan to get rid of it all.

Leaving a life of comfort for the unknown, the Riggs just couldn’t shake their thirst to take on a lifestyle filled with adventure across Australia's terrain.

“It took about two years for us to roll out our plans,” Allan and Emma say.

Bit by bit, the Riggs family sold most of their personal belongings, swapped their spacious home for a family caravan, and made plans to travel the open road.

Their spontaneous, nomadic lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without the family’s caravan and Nissan Patrol 4WD, which proudly sport the personalised prestige plates ‘MY RIG and MYRIG2’.

“With our last name, and the car being our rig, our ‘MY RIG’ plates are a perfect illustration of who we are and the journey we are on.”

‘MY RIG’ & ‘MY RIG2’ take their family across the country, with each adventure documented on the Riggs’ travel blog ‘My Rig Adventures’.

“We knew we needed a name to help us document our adventures and the number plates seemed so catchy and descriptive. Soon after, ‘My Rig Adventures’ was born!”

Since September 2016 the family have thoroughly explored QLD’s beautiful backyard. Their top spots for family adventures thus far are Mouth Warning, Rainbow Beach and Coolum Beach.

With the motto ‘family, travel, freedom,’ the Riggs say their Patrol is a huge part of their beloved lifestyle.

“Our car doesn't just get us from A to B. It takes us on adventures, keeps up warm and dry, cool and safe, pulls us out of trouble, provides shade on a hot day, and tows our home behind it.”

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