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‘MUMSI’ always knows best!

Mother and daughter duo Christine and Stephanie Herford’s unbreakable bond grew even stronger when Stephanie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Wheelchair-bound and determined to live life to its full potential, her devoted mother Christine became a huge support system for Stephanie.

It was through her experience caring for Stephanie that Christine found a passion for disability care.

“I work as a disability carer and love every minute of it! I have a lot of empathy in this line of work as my daughter has Multiple Sclerosis and is in a wheelchair,” she said.

“Whilst I devote all of my energy to Stephanie where I can, she is an independent woman and is smashing everything life throws at her.”

Christine and Stephanie share a powerful mother-daughter bond, which saw Stephanie adopt a very special nickname for her closest ally, Mumsi.

“Stephanie always calls me by ‘MUMSI’ and when I was looking for new Personalised Plates, I knew exactly the plate combination I wanted,” Christine said.

Christine says the personalised plates not only celebrate Stephanie’s incredible accomplishments, they are also very handy to recognise her car.

“I love these plates for the sentiment they hold, but also because it helps me spot my car in the car park!” Christine laughed.

“I am so proud of my daughter and her achievements in life despite being in a wheelchair. She is an incredibly strong woman and I love her more each day,” Christine said.

Christine’s plates also enjoy extra attention from passers-by.

“The amount of people who look at my plates, point and smile is truly humbling. It makes me smile every time.”

Happy Mother’s Day from the PPQ Team!