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Commemorate the new Batman movie with the Batman of Brisbane!

Batman has captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide. He is one of the most iconic super heroes to burst from the pages of a comic book.

Since making his debut appearance in the 1939 Detective Comics #27, we’ve seen countless films, television series, video games, costumes and memorabilia, with the latest movie hitting cinemas today!   

Starring Robert Pattinson, the film will see Batman venture into Gotham City's underworld to bring justice to the abuse of power and corruption that has long plagued the metropolis once again.

Over the years, Batmaniacs have always found new ways to share their love of The Dark Knight.

Immersed in all things sci-fi and gaming, Brisbane local Doug McSwain is especially devoted to his all-time favourite character, Batman.

A fan since childhood, 51-year-old Doug fondly remembers watching the Batman TV series and movies, saying it was the Adam West era that captivated him.

“There have been many portrayals of Batman over the years, but it was Adam West who got me hooked in the original 1966 Batman television series and film,” Doug explained.

With his fandom of the Gotham City hero growing deeper as the years went on, Doug continues to celebrate his favourite superhero with cosplay costuming and collecting an abundance of memorabilia pieces.

“The funny thing is, I know I can only drink out of one Batman cup at a time – but that doesn’t stop me collecting them!” he laughed. 

A truck driver by day, Doug loves attending annual conventions such as Ozcomicon and Supanova in his Batman suit, and in the true spirit of his hero, he also volunteers his time to help others. 

Doug is proud to be involved in the EB Games’ annual Starlight Children’s Foundation fundraiser, Mater Hospital’s Little Miracles fundraisers and the Children’s Hospital Foundation Channel 9 Telethon, donning his Batman best and attending local events to raise funds for the worthy causes.

“Brisbane’s Batman is always on the lookout to help those in need,” Doug said.

Doug decided to create his own unique version of the ‘Bat Mobile’, making small additions to his 2010 Ford Falcon FG XR6 over the years, sharing his pride for Batman wherever he goes.

With its bright blue paint job paying tribute to the blue in Batman’s cape, and custom Batman badges in matte black adding to the effect, it’s Doug’s Batman personalised plates with the combination TDK75 that complete the look.

“During the 75th Anniversary of Batman, I purchased my Batman Plate with TDK75, which stands for ‘The Dark Knight’ and marked the 75th year of Batman,” Doug said. 

From doing good deeds around town, to bringing drivers a smile on their daily commute, Doug doesn’t think his passion for all things Batman will fade any time soon.

“Since my childhood, Batman has only ever given me more to love! From Michael Keaton staring in the 1989 and 1992 Batman films, to the latest Dark Knight trilogy - I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving Batman,” he shared. 

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