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Community-driven organisation plates up their passion

In the last 6 months, over 270 Gympie Regional Council residents have been transported to non-urgent, but essential, medical appointments at hospitals and medical centres in South East Queensland by the innovative services provided by Gympie Medical Transport Inc.  (GMT).

“Our volunteer drivers will pick you up from home, take you to your appointment and wait to take you safely home,” GMT Secretary Sally Carkeet said.

With limited medical services and transport options in town and the majority of specialists located in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast over 60km away, Gympie locals have quickly embraced GMT.

“The service fills a much-needed gap in our community enabling people to travel to their appointments where there are either no public transport options or the cost of travel is prohibitive,” she said.

“We set out on a mission to strengthen the community and we can proudly say that we are now considered an essential service by the community.”

Run by a dedicated group of volunteers, GMT started with two cars in January 2021 and graduated to four cars in June 2021, with ambitions to add two more to the fleet by December 2021.

“The encouraging uptake for our services shows the dedication of its members in providing the service to the community and aims to reflect the reliability and commitment we all feel,” she said.

Recognising the importance and passion of GMT, a generous community member made a heartfelt donation to purchase personalised plates for the vehicles so GMT would be distinguished on the roads.

The GMT team opted for black and gold plates so they would stand out on their white cars, with prominent number plates GMT111, GMT222, GMT333 and GMT444

This picture is of 4 white cars in the sun. Each car has a personalised plate which ranges from GMT111 through to GMT444

“Our personalised plates are very distinctive and exemplify the passion the service has for local community,” she said.

The vehicles have travelled over 90,000kms and have given GMT a valuable marketing stream to drive more awareness and engagement about the not-for-profit.

“People passing our vehicles on the highway have phoned to tell us how good they look and then ask what is it we actually do.”

“We are very proud to be apart of this amazing community-driven initiative and we feel the passion of our members and the service is reflected in the personalised plates.”

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