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The driving force between this father and daughter bond

This Father’s Day will be a big celebration for Brisbane local, Nicholas Stredwick.

“This year will mean the world to me as I haven’t been able to do Father’s Day in 10 years since the passing of my own father,” he said.

As he celebrates his first Father’s Day, Nicholas reveals his journey to fatherhood has been a bumpy road.

“My wife and I started our journey through IVF two years ago, only to succumb to Covid19 restrictions and then we got the break we needed and little Mia was on her way.”

A proud owner of a collection of passion project cars, each with their own Personalised Plates, Nicholas made a very special purchase two weeks before his daughter Mia was due.

“We placed an order for Mia’s personalised plates, MIAS 21, and they miraculously arrived on the same day she did,” Nicholas said.

As a new member of the Stredwick family, it is important Mia has her own personalised plates ready to be attached to her first car.

“Mia’s personalised plates will be the finishing touch on her car we are putting money aside for in the future,” he said.

“Every car in the Stredwick family has a personalised plate. People know that we take great pride in the cars we own, and when people see our plates, they know it’s a Stredwick car,” he said.

Like her dad, Mia will be able to display touch of her personality on Queensland streets one day in the future.

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