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Heartbroken mum drives fatal message for Fatality Free Friday

On the eve of August 11 last year, Kellie Postle experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. Awaiting her daughter’s arrival home, she was instead greeted with two panic-stricken teenagers on her doorstep.

With a sinking feeling, the mum of three learned the teenagers had suffered a serious car accident, smashing into a pole and veering off the road into Brisbane’s Bray Park and with her daughter, Alyssa missing from the group, Kellie knew it couldn’t be good news.

The horrific crash had seen Alyssa, a passenger in the car, rushed to hospital with major head injuries. It wasn’t long until Kellie’s fears became a reality. After a few hours in hospital, the split-second crash became fatal and stole the life of her 17-year-old daughter.

Despite the tragedy leaving Alyssa with so much more life to live, Kellie described her daughter as full of life and wanted to ensure her memory lived on as a message to others.

To celebrate Alyssa who was affectionally known as Lyss, Kellie purchased the number plate LYS225.

“Lyss was a keen athlete and held the same number ‘225’ at Little Athletics for 10 years,” she said.

“This number had significance for her and for us. She found a sense of purpose and belonging in her athletics. She formed lifelong friendships and made it to state level for her sprinting and jumps.”

Athletics gave Lyss confidence, discipline, consistency, and resilience. She also loved the social aspect of athletics and having a laugh with her friends.

“She went from a shy, quiet girl to a talented, caring, and confident young lady. She loved to train the little kids on a Friday night and take them for warm up. It’s some of my fondest memories of her,” Kellie reminisced.

Nicknamed ‘Smiley’ by fellow athletes - win, lose or draw, Lyss would always come away with a smile on her face.

“One minute she would be laughing, and dancing to TikToks, the next she would be up on the starting line, focused and ready to compete, trying her best in every race. She had such raw determination but always partnered it with her fun, infectious nature.”

In memory of Lyss, Kellie’s personalised number plate features a black background (Lyss’s favourite colour) with blue letters reminiscent of her Little Athletic’s club shirt.

“We couldn’t think of anything more perfect. If she was here, I have no doubt we would have bought the plates for her 18th birthday gift and she would have loved them,” Kellie said.

As a lasting legacy for her daughter, Kellie created the Live4Lyss Facebook page where she shares empowering stories to encourage drivers to make better choices on our roads.

In the lead up to Fatality Free Friday, Kellie’s message couldn’t be more important. In 2020, more than 1100 people lost their lives on the road in Australia, with Queensland recording 278 fatalities – the second highest road toll of all states and territories.