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Personalised Plates Get Horsepower

Avid Broncos fan, Luke Thorpe got the ultimate 21st birthday surprise when he received his very own Broncos personalised plates, LHT96.

“I had been wanting Broncos personalised plates since I got my first car,” Luke said.

“To my surprise, my family decided to all chip in and get them for my 21st birthday.

“It was one of the few presents that I didn’t know what I was getting and I was so excited when I unwrapped it!”

Luke was overjoyed that he can now share his passion for his team on the road in style.

“I love that I can show my support for the Broncos on my plates. I am always looking to cheer on my team and this is definitely a unique and fun way to do that,” he said.

“My plates show off who I really am, a Maroons supporter through and through, and an enthusiastic Brisbane Broncos fan.

“My only wish is that my car was maroon so it can match the plates - I’d be the ultimate Broncos supporter.”

Growing up in Toowoomba, the Brisbane Broncos were the only choice for Luke.

“I followed NRL on and off, only watching Origin and at finals time. However, mid-way through primary school, I became a keen Broncos supporter and never looked back,” he said.

“I now have an expensive hobby in collecting the NRL cards!”

With every footy fan, there is the favourite player - for Luke, it is none other than Darren Lockyer.

“It’s kind of hard to pick a one favourite player, however who comes to mind for me is Darren Lockyer. He was such an inspiration and idol for me when growing up,” Luke said.

“Whenever Lockyer got the ball, you felt like something was going to happen.

“I hope that the Broncos can turn around from the 2020 season and become a team to be reckoned with.”


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