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Local plumber Rally's for The Dunga Derby for 5th Year

Preparations for the 6th Annual Fraser Coast Dunga Derby are ramping up with the car rally set for 15th - 18th October 2020, to raise funds for local charity, Rally for a Cause. This charity supports families and individuals affected by complex medical conditions and other life altering circumstances.

As shared in our first Dunga Derby story the event is a four-day fundraising car rally that involves 55 team vehicles and over 200 people raising much-needed funds for charity.

Fraser Coast local Robert is gearing up so for his 5th annual Dunga Derby with his trusty van and prestige PLUMER plates.

“Having the plate PLUMER on my Dunga helps to show how much I love the car and reminds me of the awesome community I’m involved in, and all the friends I’ve made by being a part of the rally,” Robert said.

The Dunga Derby is particularly close to Robert’s heart and he’s sure his PLUMER plates help him in the rally each year.

“I have two adult children who both have medical conditions and as kids spent a lot of time in hospital. So, we understand the importance of having a support group behind you,” he said.

“We know what it is like to deal with serious life events and medical conditions, so we empathise and endeavour to try our best to support other families in our position.

“Hearing the stories of people who have been helped by this amazing cause and see the local community work together for a common goal helps us on to continue again for another year.”

Robert originally bought his Queensland personalised plates to reflect his life’s work but of course, also for a bit of fun.

“When we first retired our work van to become our full-time Dunga vehicle we thought it would be a great idea to have some personalised plates on it to give our Dunga a little bit more personality,” Robert laughed.

Roberts family has a long history of personalised plates and he was thrilled to find out his ideal plate was still available.

“Personalised plates have always been a part of our driving history - we have plates on every vehicle that we have owned from 17 years old to now, and even gift special plates to our children on their 18th birthdays,” he said.

“My parents still have the same personalised plates on their vehicles now that they have had for over 40 years.”

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