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New beginnings with Personalised Plates

Personalised Plates often become a prized possession, telling a deeply personal story and representing special moments in life. Catherine Rock and her family discovered the sentimental value of the objects in their lives in one of the most devastating ways imaginable.

Catherine and her family experienced a horrific house fire which engulfed their family home, destroying everything inside.

“It was 4:00am on a Saturday morning, and we heard someone banging on our windows,” Catherine recalled.

“We got up to investigate and realised it was our neighbours yelling and hitting on our windows to wake us up - they were telling us that our house was on fire.

“We ran down the hallway to the front of the house and thankfully, the fire was still contained in the garage, so we grabbed Sierra and Indie and ran out of the house.”

Within half an hour the house was consumed by fire and the family had lost everything - the house, their prized possessions and precious memories.

“There was nothing we could do except watch our house burn down, right in front of our eyes,” Catherine said.

“But if it wasn’t for our neighbours, we probably wouldn’t be here to tell this story.”

Spending the last several months getting back on their feet, Catherine and her husband wanted to bring six-year-old Sierra and two-year-old Indie some joy after all the devastation. They wanted to give them something that would reduce the pain of such a huge loss and remind them they have a bright future ahead.

After thinking long and hard about the options, they decided on Personalised Plates.

Sierra and Indie Rock sitting on a pink picnic blanket and holding their pink personalised plates.

“We bought the girls their own Personalised Plates - 51ERRA and INDIE – for their names,” Catherine said.

“It’s something that’s theirs for life, and it reminds us all to be excited for the future as we rebuild our lives from scratch together.

“The girls will display their plates in their new rooms until they are old enough to drive.”

As a special touch, the plates were ordered in the girls’ favourite colour – pink.

“They were so excited and loved the colour so much they screamed and yelled,” Catherine laughed.

“They lost every single piece of clothing, toy and everything they owned in their short lives, but the plates have given them joy and happiness – they’ll be with them forever.

“At the end of the day, we all survived the fire which is a miracle. Taking road trips and little getaways is our outlet right now and these plates have allowed us to move past the pain and start thinking about the future again.”