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KERM17 Leaps into The Dunga Derby

The 6th Annual Fraser Coast Dunga Derby is gearing up to take off from the 15th - 18th October 2020, to raise funds for local charity, Rally for a Cause. This charity supports families and individuals affected by complex medical conditions and other life altering circumstances.

Dunga Derby is a four-day car rally that is set to take 55 team vehicles, many of which sport PPQ plates, and more than 200 people from the coast to the country while raising funds to support the local community.

One of those teams is led by Priscilla and Brett, who will be relying on their ‘green gremlin’ to compete in the derby and raise much-needed funds for charity.

Kermit the Frog, the oh so iconic Muppet character is the fitting name of this pair’s vehicle so naturally, the car needed to don the personalised plates KERM17 in time for the derby.

Priscilla and Brett recently purchased their prestige KERM17 plates knowing they would bring their car to life in time for the Dunga Derby and help them leap from the starting line.

“We thought it would be a good way to get a conversation started about our Dunga car and promote this very worthy cause,” Priscilla said.

“This plate completes our little Gemini that we have named ‘Kermit’. We utilise personalised plates for our work vehicles too which makes it really easy to book in servicing on the cars!”

Brett and Priscilla work closely with the community through their roles at Coastal Waste Water Service and jumped at the idea of being involved in the Dunga Derby to help raise awareness and funds for those in their area who struggle with debilitating medical conditions.

“Participating in the Dunga Derby is a way we can express our love for our Fraser Coast community, and all the great people who contribute to the friendly and helping community here,” Brett said.

“With our personalised plates, the car is complete and we really stand out in the Dunga Derby with our fully kitted out car.”

Stay tuned for more Dunga Derby car and plate stories in the coming weeks!

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