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“I created a fleet of specialist cardiac clinics with plates that go from HEART1 to HEART5.”

Cardiologist and Heart of Australia founder, Dr Rolf Gomes always had a passion for the outback and the people in it.

“I always have loved the outback and the people in it. So I created a fleet of medical trucks which provide cardiac care for people living out west.”

Thanks to a perfect mix of engineering and medicine, and a desire to save lives, Dr Gomes created a fleet of medical trucks to provide cardiac care to people living out west.

The mobile clinics travel from town to town, delivering specialist care to regional Queenslanders. Most of whom, would never even think about leaving the farm for a bit of chest pain.

Many heart conditions are preventable, if caught early enough.

But these potential patients avoid screenings or appointments in the city because it’s just too far away. For some, it can be a three hour round trip for a mere 20 minute consultation.

The trucks contain cardiac stress-testing equipment, lung function testing equipment, sleep apnoea testing equipment, and cardiac ultrasound equipment.

“The Heart of Australia are essentially state-of-the-art, mobile cardiac and respiratory clinics – that just happen to be in the back of a truck!” he laughs.

The Heart of Australia recently clocked its 1500th clinic, helping over 8000 regional and remote Queenslanders.

The program started off with three specialists and one truck in 2014. Now in 2020, it boasts 23 specialists and five trucks.

“That’s why their personalised plates go from HEART1 to HEART5.”

The Heart of Australia trucks are a travelling beacon of hope, delivering vital care to rural Queenslanders across Charleville, Roma, Dalby, Stanthorpe, Goondiwindi, St George, Quilpie, Blackall, Emerald, Barcaldine, Longreach, Winton, Hughenden, Cloncurry, Charters Towers and Moranbah.

Dr Gomes sees it as his duty to save as many lives as he can.

“As a doctor, there’s nothing more rewarding.” he smiles.

Find a plate that shows your passion.