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Dad’s Falcon Passion Drives Kid’s Surprise Gift

Jeffrey could be Australia’s biggest Falcon fan. Over the years, the passionate car lover has been restoring and selling the cars for more than two decades.

Jeff’s kids know that Falcons run deep in their Dad’s DNA after watching him toil and tinker over many cars over the years.

"I'd done a few up and sold them, but I always regretted it," he said.

While life's demands forced Jeff to watch his hard work drive away, his latest venture has managed to secure its place of pride in Jeff’s garage.

The Thunderbug, a 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT, was Jeff’s dream car.

“Thunderbug is an Aussie automobile classic and it’s my pride and joy,” Jeff said.

"Once our house was paid off, my wife Monica said that I should just keep this one."

This restoration saw Jeff pour his heart and soul into this beauty of a car, polishing it up to perfection and making it his own dream car, knowing this was the one that wouldn’t get away.

After the eighteen-month restoration was complete, the Thunderbug looked almost perfect, although Jeff’s kids knew something was missing.

They joined forces, pooling their money together, to buy the ultimate finishing touch for Jeff’s beloved Falcon - a personalised plate that read DADSTOY. It was the perfect gift and the ideal finishing touch for his masterpiece.

"It showed me that the kids know what the car means to me and that they understand the time and money I've put into it. They couldn't wait to give them to me, and I couldn't wait to get them on the car," Jeff said.

Jeff’s Thunderbug now proudly displays the new badge of honour and the kids have cemented their names at the top of Dad's good books with the best Father’s Day gift yet.

"This is definitely the best Father's Day present I could have hoped for."

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