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“We love a bit of R ‘n’ R – so much that we got it as a personalised plate.”

You could say Mel and Geoff are ‘living the dream’.

And you’d be right.

With a week on, week off schedule, exploring north Queensland is just another Weekday.

When Mel and Geoff aren’t working in the mines, they’re travelling the state in a decked-out, fully customised 79 Series Landcruiser called Blondie – the car of their dreams.

“He cried when we got it.” laughs Mel. “Yeah, that’s true.” Geoff says unashamedly.

The happy-go-lucky couple vlog their Sunshine State adventures as ‘RNR Wanderers’ to fans all around the world. Their two dogs, Kiki and Molly, are regular stars.

Both were living typical 9-5 lives up until they met. They came out of long-term relationships with property under their belt, and decided to sell their houses in search of something more rewarding.

“Yeah, we can’t stay in one place for too long. We love the freedom.” Mel says.

In the last five years Blondie has built a bit of a reputation. The car gets recognised at beaches and 4WD trails, thanks to its distinctive tan colour, custom body kit and of course, its personalised plates.

Boasting a grill, bar fridge, and even a home espresso coffee machine, Blondie’s got everything Mel and Geoff need for a life on the road.

And to top off their customised car, they needed Personalised Plates.

“We love a bit of R’n’R – so much that we got it as a Personalised Plate.”

7RNR9 symbolises Mel and Geoff’s R’n’R lifestyle, and the 79 Series Landcruiser they live it in. The plate was the perfect finishing touch to the car they’d spent so long creating.

“Blondie might be tiny, but our backyard is huge!” smiles Mel.

A life like the RNR Wanderers isn’t for everyone. But it sure is a life of adventure.

Add the finishing touch to your ride.