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Col Will Keep You Moving!

Gold Coast businessman Colin Sanders has been growing his family-run business for over 17 years.

A huge fan of cars, Col started his automotive business ColTech Mobile Mechanics by selling his beloved 1964 EH Holden to fund his first work van and some tools.

Although Col gave up his prized possession, over a decade on he can safely say the sacrifice was well worth it.

“ColTech has grown significantly since opening, and I've now got my dream job working with cars every day,” Colin explained.

ColTech specialises in emergency roadside breakdowns and residential onsite servicing. The thriving business has seen Col achieve many career highlights and milestones over the years, including the expansion of his fleet.

As the business grew Col became more conscious of his marketing and strived to create a recognisable brand that was trusted by locals.

“I've always believed brand recognition is crucial to a business's success,” Col said.

After wrapping his two work vans, Col still felt there was more that could be done to tie his branding together to create a cohesive and professional look.

Col purchased two Business Plates featuring the ColTech business artwork - 04CMM and 05CMM - as the finishing touch.

“The business plates convey an extra level of trust and show we are serious about our workmanship,” Colin explained.

Passionate about his business and wanting to promote it wherever he goes, Col also purchased Prestige Black and White Flexi Plates with the combinations COLTECH and COLTEC to go on his 1972 Chevrolet Ute and his wife's 2011 Audi Q7.

“I use my prestige plates to promote the business name creating a strong brand recall,” Col explained.

Col says he feels the plates solidify a legitimate and serious business ethic, with customers regularly commenting on his fleet.

“Pulling up to a customer's house, I've always had positive reactions about the vans and their plates,” Col said.

Col still has big plans for his business in the future, recently opening a dedicated workshop in Burleigh Heads to offer major repairs in-house for services that couldn't previously be carried out at a customer's residence.

“Opening this workshop has been one of my all-time career highlights and I'm excited for customers to come on this exciting journey with us!” Col said.

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