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Restauranteur's Four Generations on a Plate

Following a culinary journey that spans a lifetime, Tony Percuoco has dedicated his career to pursuing his passion of crafting and serving authentic Italian food in the heart of in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

Growing up in Naples, Italy, Tony's initial inspiration came from his father, Mario Perucuoco.

“I was following in the footsteps of four generations of restauranteurs when I started my food journey. From the beginning, it was first and foremost my Dad, then my older brother who helped me refine my skills,” Tony said.

With the determination to follow his family's success, Tony opened his first restaurant in Sydney after migrating to Australia in 1970.

Twenty years later, Queensland's sunny beaches and pristine coastlines called for Tony and he made his big move to the Gold Coast for a fresh start.

Still yearning for the hustle and bustle of a capital city, in 2010 Tony sold his Gold Coast restaurant and opened Tartufo in the heart of Brisbane where he continues to dedicate his time in the daily running of the kitchen and restaurant.

Although Tony still lives on the Gold Coast, he is happy to commute to his Brisbane restaurant every single day.

“There is something special about Brisbane which is deeply reminiscent of what Australia was like in the 1970s and I absolutely fell in love with it.”

Passionate about his brand, Tony looked for personalised plates that would complement his business.

“When considering a name for my business, believe it or not, I actually factored into the decision that it couldn't go over 7 letters so I could get personalised plates!” said Tony.

Tony purchased his Framed Prestige Plate TARTUFO for his car after carefully crafting his business name.

Later he added I <3 P1ZZA to his collection which now sits proudly in his restaurant as a feature.

“I get a lot of smiles and people pointing to the displayed plates. It's certainly a talking point for diners,” Tony said.

With a focus on creating a quality fine dining experience, the team at Tartufo are honoured to be an official internationally registered member of the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana).

“We are very proud of our Italian heritage and authentic menu. You can come to Tartufo and have anything from a plate of freshly made pasta, to a traditional pizza, or even a full degustazione menu with matching wines,” Tony explained.

While Tony has had many career highlights, his favourite memories include when he was an apprentice in 1973 at the Sydney Opera House and served the Queen of England, Prince Charles and the whole Windsor family.

Since this experience, Tony has had the pleasure of cooking for and meeting hundreds of celebrities from Hollywood actors to writers and athletes.

With personalised plates that tell a story about Tony's culinary journey and growth in the industry, to him they are worth more than money can buy.

Passionate about cars and cooking, Tony has found a way to share his love for both each and every day.

“I've always been a motoring enthusiast and to me personalised plates are the icing on the cake!”

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To see more about Tartufo and perhaps book a table of your own, click here.