Accessory Plates

If a bicycle rack or other accessory fitted to the front or back of your vehicles makes your plate hard to read, you will require an Accessory Plate.

An Accessory Plate is a smaller plate that displays your vehicle's registration number and it may be attached to either the front or rear of the vehicle accessory, as long as it is legible from a distance of at least 20 metres.

Accessory plates for Motor Vehicles of Large Trailers (between 1.02 tonne and 4.5 tonne) can be purchased below.

Accessory plates for Heavy Vehicles (Gross Vehicle mass over 4.5 tonne) can be ordered by calling 136 356.

Things to Remember

  • Combination must reflect your current Standard Issue or Personalised Plate
  • Only available in Maroon lettering on a White background
  • Size - 255mm x 100mm
  • Fee based on product type
  • Delivery within 12-14 working days