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Here's to you

When you think about it, you’ve been telling the world who you are ever since you were born. From the little wrist strap as a baby, to your name on schoolbooks, stuck on your bedroom door or inscribed on a sports trophy.

Each and every thing has said something about you, and personalised plates are just another way of telling part of your story. A plate celebrates what’s important to you, from the smallest moments to the biggest milestones, and says ‘here’s to you’ like nothing else can.

Now, allow us to tell you about who we are ..

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) works with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to bring you our range of distinct number plates. And what’s good to know is sales proceeds helps support road safety in Queensland. We’re passionate about plates and have a genuine interest in creating a plate just right for you. 

So when you want to say ‘here’s to you’ with a personalised plate, just ask. We’ll help all we can, so you keep telling the world who you are. 

PPQ Team