Motorcycle Plates

Whether you’re cruising on your Chopper or going vintage on your Vespa, you can create the personalised plate to suit your motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle personalised plates are available in both the personalised Colour (three letters and two numbers) and Prestige (three to five characters) styles.

  • Choose from a wide range of colours to match your bike, your helmet, or your personality.

  • Prices vary depending on the style of plate you choose, but start at $485 for personalised Colour Plates, or $1095 for Prestige Plates.

  • All motorcycle plates are 185mm x 100mm and you receive a single plate that sits on the back of your bike.

Like all personalised plates in Queensland, your combination is owned with no ongoing or annual fees. And - if for some reason you decide not to ride any more – as long as the plate has been officially removed from the motorcycle you can transfer the combination to your motor vehicle.

Create A Plate® now or check the combination you want is available. You’ll have your plate on your motorcycle in no time!

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