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History of Personalised Plates

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1921 Queensland Number plates were first introduced in 1921. The classic Q Plates featured a bold black Q, with white numerals on a black background. The black and white plates were simple, striking and most importantly- standardised.

Embossed plates were released in 1955. Combinations were now available in a 3-letter, 3-number format. As plates rolled off the assembly line, combinations needed more diversification due to demand. 1955 also brought the introduction of the diamond separator, a subtle addition to any ‘50s housewife’s Cadillac.

WHBK Retro
The ‘70s brought afros, polyester and disco. Plates continued to evolve as well, with the introduction of green text. Queensland also introduced their sunny “QUEENSLAND-SUNSHINE STATE” slogan, to help show their state pride! Colourful dealer plates were also introduced, with a different colour issued each year. Ranging from purple to orange to violet, the dealer plates marked the introduction of colour to Queensland’s number plate landscape! Colourful “full permit” plates were also introduced for farm machinery travelling on Queensland roads.        
The Sunshine StateDealer Orange
 1979  Personalised Plates were introduced with the dawn of the ‘80s! Some of the first available plates were Queensland themed and came with depictions of the Great Barrier Reef, Tropical Queensland and the Outback. Early personalised plates were also available in limited colour options. When Personalised Plates Queensland was established in 1998, a creative array of plates began to develop until reaching the 250 designs available today.
 1980  To celebrate hosting the 1982 Commonwealth Games and 1988 World Expo, Queensland released exclusive Commonwealth Games and World Expo number plates, used exclusively by event officials. 
Commonwealth GamesExpo
 2001 After twenty-four years of green text, Queenslanders were ready for a change. Maroon text was introduced in 2001, with the addition of the “QUEENSLAND-THE SMART STATE” slogan. The plate were retired in 2013.
The Smart State
 2014 PPQ's range of plates now encompasses over 250 different potential designs and formats. Some of the most popular ranges include the happy-go-lucky colour range, the robust rugby NRL range, and the brand new 3D plate. Plates can express anything, from an event to an inside joke to your nickname.  3D Plates RIM55