Remove and/or Attach Form           

Your new plates will arrive with a Department Of Transport and Main Roads Remove and/or Attach form. This form needs to be completed and handed in at a Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre, along with the plates currently on your car. This must be completed before you attach your new plates to your vehicle.

Also, don't forget to contact your insurance / roadside assistance / toll companies to inform them of your new plates. The ownership details of your plates don't need to match the rego details of the vehicle, provided both parties have authorised the attachment. Your plates don’t have to be attached to a vehicle - they can be attached or removed at any stage.

We recommend you inspect goods to ensure complete satisfaction (check the goods are of acceptable quality and match the description provided). Any goods arriving damaged should be returned to PPQ for assessment by the manufacturer and/or Australia Post - please DON'T attach.


Personalised Plate Transfer Application

Personalised plates in Queensland can be transferred.

Privately buying or selling a personalised plate requires the completion and lodgement of a Personalised Plates Transfer Application. Lodging this form attracts a fee and requires signatures of both the seller and buyer. Transfer applications can only be processed at Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centres.

Transferring plates to an immediate family member can be done fees exempt (conditions apply). Visit your nearest Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre further information.


Cancellation of Personalised Plates Form

Use this form for Trade In only by completing sections 1, 3, 6 and 7.



Download a PPQ brochure.