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What is a CRN?
Your CRN is your Customer Reference Number or Queensland Driver's Licence number with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. This can be found on your drivers licence or 18 + Card. Alternatively please contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 20 88.
Can I change my LayBy?
Absolutely. Give us a call at any time during the LayBy process to change your order on 136 356.

Combination Help

Need some help to unleash your creativity or to understand what combinations go on your plate? Click the links for plate combination guidelines and tips & tricks.

Plate Combination Guidelines Combination Tips & Tricks
Combination Tips & Tricks

Personalised Plates really are unique, and you can be extremely creative with what you put on them.

There are literally millions of combinations for you to choose from!

  • What about your name, your initials or your nickname?
  • …or your date of birth, or other important dates?
  • What are your interests, your hobbies, or what's your favourite sport?
  • What do you do, what's your business?
  • …or have a bit of fun with your plates!
  • The word is mightier than the sword.
  • Prestige - need we say more?
  • Have you thought about using letters as numbers?
    1 = I or L 2 = to or too 3 = E
    4 = A 5 = S 6 = G
    7 = T 8 = B 9 = g
      0 = O  
  • How to PL8 Speak
    = Noise
    = Porsche
    = A Boss
    = Great

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